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Arts & Culture

  1. Art in the Park 2023 Vendor Booth Submittal Form

    Art in the Park 2023 Vendor Booth Submittal Form

  2. Artist Registration Updating

    Please utilize this form to update your Eye for Art artist registration information. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed... More…

  3. Sculpture on Loan Submittal Form
  1. Artist Registration

    Eye for Art Program Registration Form

  2. Call for Art Submittal Form

    Eye for Art Program Artwork Submittal Form

  3. Supporter of the Arts Registration

    If you would like on-going information on the Eye for Art Program and Arts activity and opportunities for the Arts taking place in the... More…

Brighton Sustainable

  1. Brighton Sustainable Suggestion Form

    Please type your suggestion in the field below.

Community Development

  1. Brighton City Museum Research Request Form

    The Brighton City Museum features a wide range of historical documents, photographs, videos, letters and more. In order to expedite... More…

  1. Community Development - Request For Information Form

    Submit a request for information or any general questions related to building, zoning, and planning from the Community Development... More…

General Concerns

  1. Citizen Concerns

    Citizen General Concerns to Management offices


  1. Ask the City Manager!

    Use this anonymous form to submit your question(s) for Manuel.

  2. Security Badge Policy Employee Survey
  1. Employee Suggestion Box

    Please provide any suggestions that you may have to present to the Employee Advisory Committee. These suggestions will be reviewed by... More…

Lodging Tax

  1. Lodging Tax Quarterly Report Form

    Lodging Tax Quarterly Report Form for grant recipients

Public Information

  1. Brighton Summerfest Food Vendor Application
  2. City Manager Candidates Open House - Employee RSVP
  3. Meet Your Neighbor Submission Form

    The City of Brighton's monthly social media series "Meet Your Neighbor" aims to highlight different people in the Brighton community... More…

  4. Summerfest Vendor Application
  1. City Manager Candidates Open House - Community RSVP
  2. COVID-19 Questions
  3. Summerfest Event Sponsorship
  4. The Wall That Heals Volunteer Interest Form


  1. Final Bill Order

    This form is for Title Company requests for final bills. The final bills must be made by completing the form below.

  2. Round Up Registration

    Registration for customers to round up their monthly utility bill

  1. Lawn Conversion Application

    Every square foot of grass removed from the lawn will equal $1 back for the customer.

Youth Services

  1. Professional Development Series Application

    The City of Brighton is offering professional development for young people 9th-12th grade.