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Arts & Culture

  1. 2024 City of Brighton Traffic Box Mural Project
  2. Artist Registration

    Eye for Art Program Registration Form

  3. Call for Art Submittal Form

    Eye for Art Program Artwork Submittal Form

  4. Sculpture on Loan Submittal Form
  1. Art in the Park 2024 Vendor Booth Submittal Form

    Art in the Park 2023 Vendor Booth Submittal Form

  2. Artist Registration Updating

    Please utilize this form to update your Eye for Art artist registration information. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed... More…

  3. People's Choice Awards

    The Eye for Art Committee (E4AC) and subcommittee represented by community artists, businesses and local citizens from various... More…

  4. Supporter of the Arts Registration

    If you would like on-going information on the Eye for Art Program and Arts activity and opportunities for the Arts taking place in the... More…