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Call for Art Submittal Form

  1. Eye for Art Submission Form
    Please complete the following information and upload your artwork to be considered for the next Eye for Art exhibit.
  2. Media / Art Type
  3. Do you have artwork that is ready and available?
  4. How did you hear about this call for art?
  5. Entry Information
    All display art /or replacement art must be approved by the Eye for Art Committee prior to display, ART MUST NOT CAUSE CONTROVERSY.

    Acceptable Display Method: Work must be appropriately framed and wired for wall mounting. Clip-framed work is NOT acceptable. Gallery wrapped canvas with no exposed staples or tacks will be accepted only if it is properly wired for hanging and all exposed canvas is painted. (See Framing your Artwork for Shows and Galleries link on Eye for Art webpage.)

    Display Size: Display panels and interior walls within the city building and/or lobby must be utilized conforming to size, shape and weight regulations. The City hanging system can accommodate up to 50 pounds per each of our display panels or wall mounts. The width and height of each panel is 38.5” x 84’, with one inch border and interior walls are “various sizes” “Useable” space on each panel is approximately 38” x 84’. The ideal display for visual appeal and optimal lighting is between 36” and 40” of the width and 60” of useable vertical space.

    Hanging Methods: No saw tooth hangers are allowed. All frames require wire hangers ONLY.

    Sales: Artists are welcome to offer their art for sale to the public or NFS (not for sale). Artists will be notified of all sales transactions to allow artist to provide replacement artwork for display space. If a patron indicates interest in a display piece the Eye for Art Coordinator must be notified to work with the patron.

    Percentage split: All sales made for artists in association with any show or display in the city building are to be split on an 85% to Artist/15% to Eye for Art Program basis. All city and state taxes will be collected by the City at the time of sale. All monies due to the Eye for Art Program will be retained by the program and a city check will be issued to the artist for the 85% of sale.

    Marketing Acknowledgement/Authorization: Artist authorizes the Eye for Art program to utilize photos of artwork for any marketing materials utilized for the program and artist artwork.

    Release of Liability: By signing below, presenting Organization/Artist agrees that the Eye for Art, City of Brighton, or any of their individual representatives are in no way responsible for any damage to or theft of any artwork submitted for display. Artists are responsible for maintaining their own insurance for their artwork, including coverage on shipment of the artwork to and from the city of Brighton building. By signing below, presenting artist/ organization’s representative agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Brighton, its officers, agents, and employees, from and against any and all loss, damage, injuries, claims, cause or causes of action, or any liability of any kind whatsoever resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with use of facilities as described in this application and all attachments.
  6. Art Upload
    You may submit up to 5 pieces for consideration on this form. Please be sure to complete all information for your upload. Dimensions should be listed in inches. If artwork is not for sale use 0 in price box.
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  8. Inches only, do not enter "

  9. One to three words max: "Oil On Board, Mixed Media, Pastels"

  10. Whole dollars, no cents: "$200, $150, $45"

  11. One to three words max: "Oil On Board, Mixed Media, Pastels"

  12. Inches only, do not enter "

  13. Whole dollars, no cents: "$200, $150, $45"

  14. One to three words max: "Oil On Board, Mixed Media, Pastels"

  15. Inches only, do not enter "

  16. Whole dollars, no cents: "$200, $150, $45"

  17. Inches only, do not enter "

  18. One to three words max: "Oil On Board, Mixed Media, Pastels"

  19. Whole dollars, no cents: "$200, $150, $45"

  20. Inches only, do not enter "

  21. One to three words max: "Oil On Board, Mixed Media, Pastels"

  22. Whole dollars, no cents: "$200, $150, $45"

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  24. Acknowledgment
    By clicking Submit, I affirm that the artwork in the image(s) submitted is my own work and representative of the original artwork. If I am selected by the jury, I agree to abide by the rules of the Eye for Art program and to deliver my original artwork to Brighton City Hall by personal delivery or pre-paid shipping.
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