Building Code Information:

International Building Code 2012
International Property Maintenance Code 2012
International Mechanical Code 2012
International Existing Building Code 2012
International Plumbing Code 2012
National Electric Code 2011
International Residential Code 2012
Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings 2012
International Energy Conservation Code 2006
International Fire Code 2012
International Fuel Gas Code 2012

Load Calcs and Other Information:
Wind Load Per IBC Tables – 1609A, 1609B, 1609C (not in special wind region)
Exposure C (most areas)
Roofing Not to exceed two (2) layers
Snow Load 20 lb ground snow load (used for drifting calculations)
With a minimum of 30 psf uniform snow load
Frost Depth 30” below grade

Land Use and Development Code:

Municipal Code: