Plan Implementation

Work Plan Summary

Focus Areas District Plan Tactics
Ongoing Funding to preserve agricultural lands ● Local foods workshop ● Collaborative ventures among farmers and agribusiness ● Review plans for future trails ● Review transportation plans ● Public relations ● Contemplate request for proposals ● Historic farm properties
Codes & Standards Zoning overlay or design guidelines ● Transfer of development rights (TDR) and/or cluster standards
Land Preservation Guide for agricultural preservation ● Incentives for conservation easements
Farm to School Increase school nutrition programming ● Implement school gardens
Marketing, Agritourism & Business Development Marketing campaign ● Marketing capacity for locally-grown products ● Community events around local foods ● Agritourism signage ● Incubator program ● Local and regional food business enterprise
Local Food Systems Development Local food in senior meal programs ● Food safety education ● Farm markets accept SNAP and WIC
Land Management Land lease incentives for farming practices ● Goals for maintaining soil health and quality ● Goals around water resources for agricultural purposes ● Innovative farm techniques
Staff Grant funding

Work Plan

The Work Plan focuses on implementing the Tactics from Chapter 4 of the District Plan. Download the full Work Plan here: 2021 Work Plan.

Monitoring Reports

Quarterly Monitoring Reports track the progress made on the Work Plan and are provided at the end of each quarter. These are presented to the District Plan Commission at the end of each quarter.

2021 Reports:
2021 Quarter 1

2020 Reports:
2020 Quarter 4
2020 Quarter 3
2020 Quarter 2
2020 Quarter 1

2019 Reports:
2019 Quarter 4
2019 Quarter 3
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2018 Reports:
2018 Quarter 4
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