Saving Water Incentive

Get involved in Brighton's incentive programs. The City of Brighton is giving credits to customers using water efficiently. 

Water Efficiency Credit
If you reduce your normal use by 20% there will be a credit coming to you on that bill. If your normal use falls in a higher tier, a bigger credit will be issued. Here is how the credits work:

0 to 3,000$5
3,001 to 20,000$20
20,001 to 30,000$30
30,001 to 40,000$40
40,001 & Above$50

The credits are given every month from May to September bills. You WILL need to sign up to receive your credit. Please call or email to sign up. If you need assistance in reducing your consumption down 20% please contact our water conservation specialist, Louis Morris for assistance. 

Incentive Sign Up Sheet

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