Garden In A Box Program

Beautiful landscapes made easy.

Plant a garden for a greener future! With the help of Garden In A Box- a selection of professionally designed perennial gardens- you can save water, beautify your landscape, and enrich your community. These xeric (low-water) garden kits include starter plants, a plant and care guide, and plant by number maps, making this perfect for all gardening levels.

In partnership with Resource Central, the City of Brighton Utilities offers a limited number of $25 discounts to their customers. Gardens start at $83 and are competitively priced. Find the perfect garden for your space at

Gardens officially go on sale March 4, 2018, but the residents can view the full list of available gardens here. To order a garden through this program, visit the Garden In A Box program website

Garden kits will be available for pick up from 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22 at Riverdale Regional Park & Fairgrounds (formerly known as the Adams County Fairgrounds), 9755 Henderson Rd, Brighton CO, 80601.

For more information call 303-999-3820 x 222 or visit the Resource Central website.

 2019 Garden Offerings

For 2019, we are excited to present 7 beautiful, Xeric Garden In A Box kits and 1 delicious, Homegorwn Harvest veggie Garden In A Box kit. Please note that the "Greatest Hits of Xeriscape" and the "Victory Garden" are not eligible for the discount. The Garden Offerings information below summarizes the price ranges, sizes, and types of gardens we are offering this year.

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