**PUBLIC NOTICE** The City of Brighton has applied for an MS4 general permit coverage under COR090000. Click here to view the permit application. Any questions or comments can be submitted to or by calling 303-655-2120.

The primary goal of the City of Brighton Stormwater Program is to reduce the amount of pollutants entering streams, lakes and rivers. Pollutants, such as fertilizers, pesticides, sediments, trash and spilled chemicals may be transported by runoff water from residential, commercial and industrial areas into the storm sewer system discharging directly into our local waterways, causing water pollution.

The purpose of the City's Stormwater Program is to coordinate the implementation and enforcement of the program areas listed below, not only to protect the city's natural resources, ensure public safety, and to continue to improve the quality of life of all residents, but also to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations.

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This diagram shows how pollutants can be picked up from surfaces when it rains or snows.

A full Stormwater Program Description Document is available upon request.