Assistance & Rebates

Brighton Water Assistance Program

City of Brighton residential customers who qualify may receive up to $500 for the 2023 calendar year in assistance. Credit is based on available funding. 

Residents can roundup their bill to help those in need. When you roundup your bill to nearest dollar these funds will be set aside to assist other residents in need. Roundup amounts never total more than $12 annually. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. 

Click here to round up your bill and help those in need

Applicant Guidelines

  • Must be a Brighton residential water customer
  • Must not have a tampered with the water meter within the past 24 months
  • Must demonstrate financial need. 

Financial need can be demonstrated by providing documentation that applicant is receiving benefits under certain programs (such as food stamps) or by verifying household income falls below established threshold. Adults living in the household with no income can complete this statement and upload it as part of application. 

Click here to apply for Brighton Water Assistance

Budget Billing

This option aims to keep your bill uniform for every cycle for the coming year. Budget billing is calculated using the previous 12-month average bill plus a slight markup and is re-adjusted each March. If the customer has been at the residence less than 12 months the previous occupant's usage may be used to calculate the annual average. 

Eligible customers currently on budget billing as well as those who have requested budget billing will receive a letter early in the year indicating their budget billing amount and must sign and return the form by the indicated date in order to be enrolled in budget billing. 

To be considered for budget billing next year customers must request to be added to the budget billing list by December 31. 

Request budget billing for next year here

Those on budget billing are encouraged to use the direct pay option. You can sign up for direct pay available here

Leak Adjustment Policy

Leaks on a property can result in unexpected bills for repair and water usage that property owners are responsible for paying. The City of Brighton has established a leak adjustment policy to provide some assistance on high water bills due to a leak. You may be eligible for a leak adjustment credit if the following conditions are met: 

  • You are a residential water customer who pays the water bill directly to the City of Brighton and you are current on your bill, or you are paying in accordance with an approved payment plan. 
  • You have not tampered with your water meter within the past 24 months.
  • You have not received a water leak adjustment within the past 12 months.
  • Your City of Brighton utility account is active and open as of the date the leak adjustment application was received. 
  • The leak has been repaired and the application is submitted within 60 days of discovering the leak. 

To avoid additional fees and/or interruption in service, payments on accounts must continue in full while under leak adjustment review. If you are struggling to pay the full balance on time please call our office at 303-655-2009 to discus payment plan options. Any approved credit will be applied directly to your account. 

Apply for a leak adjustment here

Water Efficient Appliance Rebates

Inefficient or old household water fixtures can use an excessive amount of water. To reduce water waste and save money, consider investing in replacing inefficient fixtures in your home. The City of Brighton offers rebates to residents for toilets and washing machines. 

For more information and to apply click here.