Strategic Plan

Welcome to the City of Brighton's Strategic Plan Dashboard. This dashboard provides a snapshot of the community's progress on key vision areas as determined by the City Council. The first iteration of the Strategic Plan was adopted in 2018 and has been updated twice since then. The most recent plan was compiled during the spring of 2022 and covers nine vision areas as shown below. Through this dashboard and other performance measurement initiatives, the City is tracking and reporting on progress toward our overall goals.

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Strategic Plan Progress

Strategic Plan  Completion Battery

Vision Area
StrategicPlan_Icons_Supportive RecolorStrategic, Supportable Infrastructure
Brighton, Colorado is committed to investing in existing and future transportation, water, wastewater, stormwater, and technology networks while planning for sustainable growth.
StrategicPlan_Icons_Employment RecolorStrong Local Employment Opportunities
Brighton is a prosperous community that attracts innovative businesses and industries that offer economic security to their employees. The community supports educational opportunities that ensure a qualified workforce for local businesses.
StrategicPlan_Icons_Engaged RecolorSafe, Active, Engaged Community
Residents of Brighton enjoy peace of mind knowing they live in safe, secure, and inclusive neighborhoods and take advantage of the many active recreational opportunities available to them. We value our neighbors and work together for success.
StrategicPlan_Icons_Financial RecolorFinancially Responsible
The City of Brighton identifies, plans, and utilizes resources in a way that positively impacts the lives of those who call Brighton home today and those who will call it home tomorrow.
StrategicPlan_Icons_Parks RecolorFacilities, Amenities, and Open Space
The City of Brighton prioritizes and balances the capital needs and wants of the City, secures and protects open space ensuring it will remain for future generations, and provides desirable amenities that reflect a diverse community.
Sustainability CondensedSustainability
Brighton values good stewardship of resources and promotes a healthy and sustainable environment.
StrategicPlan_Icons_Regional RecolorStrong Regional Relationships and Partnerships
Brighton strives to develop strong relationships with our public and private partners.
StrategicPlan_Icons_Recognizable RecolorRecognizable and Well-Planned Community
Brighton's unique history and culture provide the foundation for a well-planned and authentic community identity. We add economic value by incorporating our distinct identity into our plans for the future.
StrategicPlan_Icons_Innovative RecolorInnovative, Data-Driven, Results-Focused Government
Brighton is a nationally recognized smart City that combines resident engagement with data-driven inquiry and problem-solving. Brighton efficiently executes adopted plans and integrates best practices from wherever they may originate in the world.