Strategic Plan

Welcome to the City of Brighton's Strategic Plan Dashboard. This dashboard provides a snapshot of the community's progress on key vision areas as determined by the City Council. The first iteration of the Strategic Plan was adopted in 2018 and has been updated twice since then. The most recent plan was compiled during the spring of 2022 and covers nine vision areas as shown below. Through this dashboard and other performance measurement initiatives, the City is tracking and reporting on progress toward our overall goals. The Strategic Plan is shaped by Council policy, long-term financial projections, and resident feedback through the City's biennial Community Survey.

Community Vision

Brighton is a regional destination and is the hub for culture, events, amenities, and core services for the northeastern corridor. We honor our agricultural heritage and embrace our cultural diversity. We value innovation and creativity in building a healthy, safe, active, and engaged community.

Community Values

A key element of the 2023 Strategic Plan is the inclusion of core values that underlie the overall plan. Throughout the development of this plan, Council identified five key values that rose above specific vision areas and instead were necessary lenses through which each vision area, goal, and task should be evaluated. The core values are as follows:

Safe - Sustainable - Intentional - Transparent - Engaging

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Strategic Plan Progress

Q2 Battery

Vision Area
Strategic-Growth-and-InfrastructureStrategic Growth and Infrastructure
Brighton is a welcoming city with unique and diverse neighborhoods that foster community connections. Our development is intentional and balanced, meeting residential and economic demands, while accounting for necessary services and amenities for today and tomorrow.
Economic-AccelerationEconomic Acceleration
The City of Brighton has a matured strategy for economic development and is intentional in the industries it pursues. We serve the economic needs of our residents and our neighbors by incentivizing priority companies that create primary jobs, supporting the growth of existing businesses, and in attracting entertainment and amenities that are a draw toward our community.
Fiscal-ResilienceFiscal Resilience
Brighton is intentional in developing long-term fiscal plans and administering these plans utilizing best practices. Our revenue streams are diverse and our spending is purposeful, and we maintain appropriate reserves to ensure we are resilient to economic changes and anticipate future needs. Brighton is proactive in communicating our fiscal plan, activities, and results.
Destination-for-Recreation-and-Cultural-AmenitiesDestination for Recreation and Cultural Amenities
Brighton provides fun and unique ways for residents to access the City’s recreational and cultural amenities and is a regional destination for these activities.
Organizational-ExcellenceOrganizational Excellence
Brighton is a desirable employer that prioritizes staff development and engages residents and staff to cultivate future leaders dedicated to organizational excellence. The City is innovative in its service delivery and values continuous improvement.
Community-EngagementCommunity Engagement
The City of Brighton is an inclusive community where all residents can engage meaningfully regarding the direction and future of our community. The City employs a communications and engagement strategy that reaches a diverse audience and includes residents of all ages, races, genders, and economic backgrounds. Our approach is multi-faceted and creates a variety of opportunities for resident input and engagement so all voices have the opportunity to be heard.
Transportation-AdaptabilityTransportation Adaptability
Brighton is a modern multi-modal city investing in major sustainable transportation improvements. We recognize the need for diverse forms of mobility, from bikes, to walking, to vehicular, and invest in infrastructure that connects us to the region and prepares us for the needs of tomorrow.