50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program

Pursuant to City of Brighton Municipal Code Section 12-8-20, “The responsibility for maintenance and repairs to the sidewalk, curb or gutter is solely the responsibility of the owner (or his or her tenant) of the property abutting such sidewalk, curb or gutter.”

Also pursuant to City of Brighton Municipal Code, any and all sidewalk replacements must conform to City of Brighton Standards and be installed by a Licensed, Insured and Bonded contractor hired by the property owner.

Currently a limited amount of funding is available to assist citizens to replace deteriorating sidewalks. A City contracted contractor will be utilized to provide a 50/50 program to assist homeowners to replace damaged sidewalk adjacent to their homes.

The 50/50 program which allows the homeowner to pay 50% and the City to pay 50% of the replacement costs for sidewalk is now available for a short time. These funds will be utilized on a first come first served basis.

For more information and/or participate in this program please contact Liz Escatel at 303-655-2117.