Raptoround Standing Proud

By Charles “Chuck” Weaver

88"h X 24" X 42" Located at Colorado Park Miller Ave and Cedar 

This unique bronze piece captures the beauty of the eagle.


About the artist: Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, he now resides in Fort Collins, Colorado. Educated at C.S.U., he concentrated on human & wild life, metalsmithing and jewelry design while using bronze, wood, and welded steel. In l987, he discovered bronze sculpture. Wanting to learn all he could about the process, he began working in a nearby art foundry. That experience, and exposure to the work of innumerable other artists, helped to formulate his own approach to bronze sculpting His work can be found in public and private collections across the U.S. In his work you will find that his interpretation of the human form, as well as various animals, often combines specific details of anatomy, movement or expression with an imaginative quality, which blends the traditional and the abstract to achieve his desired composition.