Courage To Lead

By Denny Haskew

96” x 92” x 48” 

Located at Historic City Hall, 22 South 4th Avenue

In the creation of this work, Denny drew upon historical research after being told stories about the Society of the Sacred Arrow. This display of courage by the members of the Sacred Arrow Society often placed them in the role as leaders of other warriors.

Courage to Lead

About the artist: Denny Haskew currently resides in Loveland, Colorado where he is actively engaged in the art industry as a sculptor. As a member of the Potawatomi Citizen Nation, it is only natural for his artwork to follow the Native American culture. “I begin with the human figure. Initially, I have no intention of creating an ‘Indian image’, but sometimes the statement comes out stronger that way. Sometimes the opposite is true. Recently, I started to sculpt a Native figure, but it became something else. We’re all human beings inside. We’re all a mixture and will continue to mix until it no longer matters what type of figure is used as long as it makes the strongest statement possible.”