Do I need to supply sunscreen?

Yes. Supply your own sunscreen, however, our counselors must hold onto it so please label clearly.

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1. When does camp start?
2. What time does camp run from?
3. Can I keep regular hours of 8:30 a.m. but pick up at 5 p.m.?
4. Can I sign up for just four weeks?
5. Can I sign up for just Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays? Or Tuesdays and Thursdays?
6. Is there a discount for registering multiple children?
7. Where will camp be?
8. Where is drop-off and pick-up at?
9. What kinds of activities will they be doing?
10. Are swim lessons offered?
11. When will field trip information be available?
12. How do we get our camp T-Shirts?
13. Do I need to supply sunscreen?
14. What if my child needs medication?
15. Can I use my child's Immunization Records from last summer?
16. Is Funshine a State Licensed program?
17. Are staff background checked?
18. I have a thirteen-year-old. Is there anything for him/her?