How can I register for Brighton Youth Sports?

You can register in person at the Brighton Recreation Center, 555 North 11th Ave, in Brighton, via phone at 303-655-2200 during regular business hours and online. Online Registration

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1. Are parks and open spaces closed during the COVID-19 closure?
2. Are any programs canceled because of COVID-19?
3. How long will programs be postponed for COVID-19?
4. Which sports programs are postponed due to COVID-19?
5. Will I receive a refund if a program gets canceled by the City of Brighton?
6. Who will contact me about my child's sports program?
7. How can I register for Brighton Youth Sports?
8. What age(s) can participate in youth sports programs?
9. Who will coach my child's team?
10. How can I become a youth sports coach?
11. Are volunteer coaches screened?/Do you perform background checks?
12. Can I request a team, coach or teammate for my child?
13. Are any of your programs staffed by paid or professional instructors?