Will the selected company have complete control over prices and quality of service?

No. The terms of the contract with the company will allow the City of Brighton to have control over pricing and will be able to enforce standards for quality of service.

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1. Why is Brighton considering moving to a single hauler waste collection system?
2. Who decides if Brighton moves forward with an organized trash hauling system?
3. What services will be provided by the selected hauler?
4. Will the selected company haul trash and recycling for every household in Brighton?
5. Will the selected company have complete control over prices and quality of service?
6. Will prices increase every year if the city switches to a single trash hauler?
7. Is participation in the program mandatory?
8. Will I be able to keep my current service provider?
9. Will a single hauler system drive up costs for curbside trash and recycling?
10. How will an organized system prevent road damage or noise/air pollution?
11. Would I still have my choice of size of trash container and recycling included in my service?
12. Would services be available to accommodate seniors and others with disabilities who are unable to pull their trash carts to the curb?
13. Would the contracted hauler continue to collect trash carts from alleys?
14. Would my homeowners association be included in the contracted system?
15. Would my apartment/condo be included in the contracted system?
16. Have other cities implemented this type of system?
17. How will customers be billed for the trash service?
18. How will the city hold the potential hauler accountable for customer service?
19. Does a single hauler provide any trash or recycling services for city events and facilities?
20. What items will customers be able to recycle?