What programming is offered?

We offer group and private swim lessons, youth and adult recreational swim teams, and aquatic fitness classes including H20 Fitness, Deep Water Fitness, and BOGAFit. We also offer American Red Cross Lifeguard Training classes. We periodically offer contracted classes that are hosted by outside instructors, including Infant Swim Resource (ISR) infant survival classes. ISR is offered on the schedule of the qualified instructor and is not a regular offering.

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1. What programming is offered?
2. What is the water temperature in the pool?
3. How do I know where to place my child in group swim lessons?
4. Can I request a swim lesson instructor?
5. I am interested in joining a swim team but it has already begun. Can I still sign up?
6. How do private swim lessons work?
7. I would like to be a lifeguard at the Rec Center/Oasis. What do I need to do?
8. When are the next American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Classes?
9. What is considered proper swim wear?
10. I would like to come and swim laps. Do I need to share a lane?
11. May I bring floats to wear and play with?
12. May I bring toys to play with?
13. I need to cancel my activity registration and get a refund. What do I need to know?
14. There is no room in the swim lesson level that I need. What do I do?