Sculpture on Loan

About the City of Brighton's Sculpture-on-Loan Program

The Brighton Eye for Art Program presents an expanded project offering the opportunity for sculpture artists to exhibit their larger scale artwork within a high visibility park setting for the period of one year. Sculpture artists are encouraged to submit their applications to exhibit artwork that will be displayed to the public for sale.

Established in 2011 Brighton’s Eye for Art (E4A) Program expands its Art on Loan program outdoors into Carmichael Park located behind City Hall. The E4A Sculpture Walk at Carmichael Park presents a one-year outdoor sculpture on loan project that features the work of up to six professional sculptors in our outdoor gallery at Carmichael Park. 

The Eye for Art Committee (E4AC) and subcommittee represented by community artists, businesses and local citizens from various ethnicity and backgrounds meet to select artwork displayed within the Brighton City Hall gallery and expand the E4A art on loan in City Hall by offering the Eye for Art Sculpture Walk in Carmichael Park to provide an outdoor gallery for artists to display their outdoor sculpture for citizens and visitors to enjoy.  Artists selected for show will receive a cash honorarium. 

On display now: 2022-2023 Sculpture on Loan 

Four new sculptures have been installed at Carmichael Park (650 E. Southern Street) for the Sculpture on Loan Project of the City of Brighton’s Eye 4 Art Program. The sculptures on display are “Bobcat” by Rosetta, “Rainbow Point” by Jodie Bliss, “Sun To Moon Rotation” by Mary Angers and “Side by Each” by Charlotte Zink. As part of the program, the pieces of artwork will be on display at the park for one year for the public to enjoy. (Below left to right: Bobcat, Rainbow Point, Sun To Moon Rotation and Side by Each) 

2022-2023 Sculpture on Loan Art

Bobcat by Rosetta
6x5 (including base
Value: $33,300

This piece projects the strong though non-threatening characteristics of concentration, flexibility, strength, grace, dignity, and beauty. Though drawn to modeling in clay at a very young age, Rosetta's formal art training was in commercial art, culminating at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Once established in a successful graphic design career, the urge to pursue her love of creating in three dimensions resurfaced and now she is sculpting full-time. Her subjects are animals, another childhood passion. Stuffed animals took the place of dolls, and recurring nightmares of being stalked by big cats evolved into wonder-filled dreams of friendly encounters with them. Admiration and respect for the grace, power, and nobility of the wild ones is evident in Rosetta's sculptures, which capture their spirit, form, and movement in a unique hard-edged yet fluid style. Rosetta has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, has completed corporate, public and private commissions and has received numerous awards for her work.

Rainbow Point by Jodie Bliss
Custom fabricated, hand-painted and powder-coated steel.
56" x 33" x 33"
Value: $9,500.00

This sculpture considers the emotional, physical, and environmental qualities of thoughtful living while conveying optimism, a state of equilibrium and well- being. Jodie Bliss works primarily in hand forged metals, from mild steel to copper, brass, bronze and stainless. Her focus is on creating beautiful and compelling artwork through research and development of an idea or concept, design and finally execution. She creates everything from fine art sculpture to custom sculpture, artful security doors, gates, signage, railings, fences, home decor, furniture & more made to specification. Jodie holds a Masters Degree in Fine Art Sculpture as well as a Bachelors in Creative Writing. Her love for the written word, in combination with her fascination with the human mind are two of the major driving forces behind the development of her ideas.

Sun To Moon Rotation by Mary Angers
Painted and Brushed aluminum
6’ x 3’ x 6"
Value: $15,000.00

The Sun To Moon Rotation is a piece taken from my Cycles of Life Series and speaks to the seemingly simple yet very vast elemental cycle of the daily cycle of the sun and moon.

Mary C. Angers, Multidisciplinary artist, was born in Manhattan on July 22, 1958. She has resided in Long Branch, New Jersey for the past 20 years. working in two and three-dimensional media as well as video, television, light and computer generated work, she has shown extensively in Manhattan, New Jersey, France, California, Florida and other states around the united states, as well as doing public artwork around the United States, Canada, and abroad. Working in a variety of media and themes she has Created Public artwork in laminated glass, metalworking, aluminum and metal and iron sculptures, Paintings and frescoes, animated and computer generated video and film work and projections and also light work. she has also created works in etched granite, sculpted and Painted winter stone, and cast aluminum as well as laser cut metalworks.

Side by Each by Charlotte Zink
Steel and Outdoor Sculpture Quarry Clay
60" x 36" x 20"
Value: $10,000.00

A celebration of form, space, and color, this duo is crafted from steel and a specially formulated outdoor Quarry clay. Side by side they stand, individuals, yet conjoined together facing the world's challenges together.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I came out to Colorado in 1987 and earned a BA in Studio Arts & Art Education from CU, Boulder. In years past, she's enjoyed working in watercolor, mask making and handmade paper. Since 1998, her artwork focus has been painting and sculpting with the assistance of her husband, Ben; together they work as Zink Metal Art. Charlotte offers a fluid, feminine sense of design and form to the metal, and Ben works as the solid fabricator and engineer. Sometimes Charlotte has sketched and reflected on the subject matter before she begins drawing on the metal, and other times she enjoys letting her unconscious guide the images, shapes and forms that emerge. Ben cuts most of their designs with a hand held plasma cutter, and they work together on their different finishes. Collaborating on sculpture designs, layouts, finishing, and installation has taught them both about the art process and themselves. They're proud to have created an extensive body of work these many years; both small and large scale pieces in private and public collections worldwide.