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1. When will city buildings re-open?
2. Are parks closed?
3. How long will restaurants, bars, and gyms (and personal training) be closed?
4. Are pools closed?
5. Are splash pads open?
6. Are youth day and sports camps allowed?
7. Will the police department facility remain open to the public?
8. Will the city continue to hold public meetings and/or events?
9. Can I still pay my water bill in person?
10. Will the city continue issuing contractors licenses, building permits and performing inspections?
11. Will the city continue issuing sales tax/business licenses?
12. I have a scheduled court date. Will the courts be operating?
13. Why did the city declare a local disaster?
14. Is my water safe?
15. What happens if I’ve paid for lessons, programs or sports at the Brighton Recreation Center?
16. What do I do about my quarterly/annual membership at the Brighton Recreation Center?
17. My child was in the recreation center preschool classes. What can I expect?
18. Is the Recycling Center still open?
19. What is happening with my water bill?
20. Is there help available if I can't pay my water bill?