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1. What is the process for remote hearings?
2. Can I pay my ticket online?
3. How can I take care of my ticket if I live out-of-state?
4. Can I make partial payments on my traffic ticket?
5. Is it possible to change my court date?
6. How can I clear an OJW hold on my driver's license?
7. Can I have a Public Defender?
8. How can I get another copy of the paperwork to take a court ordered class/community service?
9. If I would like to speak with the judge about my case how would I reach them?
10. What do I do if I miss my court date?
11. How do I post a bond for my warrant?
12. How can I get a default judgment set aside?
13. Can I appear for court if I have an outstanding warrant?
14. How do I contest a parking ticket?
15. Can I get a copy of my accident or police report?
16. How can I seal my record?
17. How do I get a certified disposition of my record in the Brighton Municipal Court?
18. How many points do I have on my license? Can I have a copy of my driving record?