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Summerfest Event Sponsorship

  1. Greetings! 

    On Saturday, June 3, the City of Brighton will host Brighton Summerfest! This event is a community favorite featuring vendors, food and music. Brighton Summerfest is an opportunity to promote our Brighton businesses, build community, and engage with the public. In an effort to honor the city’s mission statement and enhance the quality of life for the community, this event is free and open to the public.    

    While the city hosts the event, it is impossible to do without help from our partners. We encourage you to consider becoming a sponsor of the 2023 Brighton Summerfest event.  This festival is a unique and efficient way to advertise, gain exposure, make contacts and build positive relationships with the Brighton community.  We offer a variety of sponsorships that provide you an opportunity to showcase your business and merchandise to attendees.  Depending upon the commitment, sponsors benefit from exclusive exposure through the City of Brighton website, social media, KBRI-8 channel and other local media.  Press releases, flyers, posters and other tools are also included in this exclusive exposure. 

    The following form will explain the various sponsorship levels and allow you an opportunity to make your commitment to Summerfest by becoming a sponsor.  Both monetary and in-kind support are encouraged and accepted.  If you have particular suggestions or ideas, please contact Amy Porter, Special Events Coordinator, at 303-655-2126 or 

    We truly appreciate your consideration and look forward to working together as a team to enhance the quality of life for the community of Brighton through Summerfest! 

    For questions, please contact Amy Porter at 303-655-2126 or

  2. Sponsorship Levels
  3. In-Kind Sponsorship

    In-kind contributions must be items that would otherwise have to be purchased for the project.  Contributions to the project are provided in services rather than cash may include, but are not limited to supplies, equipment, space or training.

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    Once you hit submit below, you will be taken to a payment page. Thank you for being a part of Brighton Summerfest! 

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