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2024 City of Brighton Creative Community Grants Application

  1. 2024 City of Brighton Creative Community Grants Application

    Each year, the City of Brighton awards grants to support activities that strengthen economic development, fund special events, assist cultural arts programs, and promote tourism, lodging and related activities that inspire people to spend money and time in Brighton. These grants are funded by the City's Lodging Tax, a tax charged on short-term lodging within the City.

    Organizations with projects that will attract new visitors and business to the community are encouraged to apply.

    The City is currently accepting grant applications for the 2024 calendar year. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m., Dec. 29. After the initial deadline, applications will be reviewed and awarded monthly if funding is still available. No new awards will be made after September 30, 2024.

    Qualifications and Guidelines:

    Organization Eligibility 

    • Applicants must be an organization in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State, including having a current business license with applicable entities.
    • Applications must be complete in order to be considered. Incomplete applications or those missing supplemental documents will not be eligible for funding.
    • Organizations must comply with City vendor requirements, including non-discrimination policies and obtaining insurance coverage for events or activities. Organizations must also be current on all applicable City utility payments and sales tax reporting.

    Project Eligibility

    • Projects must support the intent and objectives of the Lodging Tax Use, as stated in Brighton Municipal Code Section 3-40-50. Projects must provide a benefit to the Brighton community.
    • Project funding may be used for operational or capital spending. Project funding shall not be used for personnel costs.
    • Project funding shall not be sub-awarded, sub-granted, or otherwise passed through to another entity.
    • Projects must be completed by November 30, 2024. End of year reports must be given to the City by December 31, 2024. Unused funding may only be carried forward into future years with prior approval from the City. 
    • Grant funds are contingent on the approval of the City’s annual budget and completion of all required contracts, agreements, and follow-up reporting on the part of the applicant.

    Funding Available

    • Funding is subject to annual appropriation and approval by City Council. 
    • Any award for funding does not guarantee future funding. Grant applications must be submitted annually.
    • While there is not a stated maximum award amount, typical awards range from $5,000 to $15,000 annually. Projects may be funded in whole or in part at the City's sole discretion.
    • Organizations may apply for grants to fund up to 3 distinct, separate projects in any given year.
    • All funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis unless otherwise agreed upon in the award process.

    Application and Funding Process:

    1. Complete the application below, along with any required supplemental materials.
    2. Applications will be reviewed by the City's review committee on a monthly basis. The committee will determine which applications will be awarded and the award amount.
    3. Applicants approved for award will receive an award letter and agreement, along with a reimbursement request form. Reimbursements may be requested no more often than monthly. 
    4. Recipients will be required to submit a bi-annual and final project report summarizing the project and accomplishments.
  2. Organizational Information

    Please provide organizational and contact information for the applicant

  3. Tell us about your organization's leadership and their experience in the industry.

  4. Provide a detail description of how your organization will utilize these funds and how it will impact businesses, commerce, and culture in the Brighton community.

  5. Provide a summary of the total cost of the project, showing how grant funds would support the project as a whole. If only partial funding was provided, how would that impact the viability of the project?

    If needed, information can be attached in the following item.

  6. What will your project achieve and who will it benefit?

  7. Financial and Other Documents
  8. You can learn more about how to obtain a free copy for your business at

  9. Submission*

    By submitting this application you agree that it is an accurate representation of your situation. Additionally, by submitting this application you are acknowledging that you have read the grant guidelines and agree to the grant requirements. You also agree that you are the CEO, Executive Director, or Board President for the applicant, or have otherwise been designated the authority to apply for this grant. This E-Signature shall have the same force and effect as a manual signature.

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