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Security Badge Policy Employee Survey

  1. Customer service and employee safety are very important to the City of Brighton. Please take a few minutes to help us assess how well the new security badge policy was communicated, implemented, and how it is being received overall.
  2. Was the policy well communicated?
    Please rate on a scale of 1-5 (1=no, 5=yes, very well communicated)
  3. Thank you!
    The City of Brighton thanks you for helping keep the building safe.
    Here are some friendly reminders:

    1.) Make sure your badge is visible to the receptionist.

    2.) If someone is knocking on the door to gain access to department space, be customer friendly and ensure the guest has an appropriate visitor/vendor/contractor badge; ask who the person is visiting and either walk the visitor to the city employee they are visiting and/or ask the guest to wait in the department visitor space (if there is one).

    3.) Use Outlook to schedule your meeting to designate the room and list non-city employees as guests or attendees in your meeting notice/invite.

    4.) When you are expecting a guest(s), let the receptionist know via phone call (preferred method) or e-mail.
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