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Art in the Park 2023 Vendor Booth Submittal Form

  1. Art in the Park 2023 Vendor Booth Submission Form

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the 2023 Brighton Art in the Park. Please complete all information on this application to secure your space and participation as an artist vendor the event scheduled for Sept. 9, 2023. 

  2. Please tell us what kind of art you will have available in your space. 

  3. Do you have artwork that is ready and available?*
  4. How did you hear about this call for art?*
  5. What type of business are you?
  6. If you selected "None of the Above" and you do not have a current City of Brighton business license, this application will serve to provide you with a one-time event license which will be provided to you on the day of the event. A sales tax deposit may be required. 

  7. Do you plan to sell products?*
  8. If you already have a copy of  your 2023 Brighton Business License, please upload it here. 

  9. Liability Insurance*

    Liability insurance is required to participate in the Art in the Park event. Please indicate if you have your own coverage, or wish to participate in the pool coverage provided for the event. 

    Liability Insurance Pool

    The City will provide each vendor who does not already have an insurance carrier with the option of participating in the City Liability Insurance Pool for a cost of $20. Please indicate if you wish to participate in the pool. 

  10. Booth Selections*

    Payment is required at time of application. Please click to select all required boxes and any other optional supplies you are requesting for your booth. Calculate your total selections in the box below:

  11. Please enter your total from above. After you hit submit, you will be taken to a payment page. 

  12. Booth Sharing*

    Are you sharing your booth with another artist?

  13. Art Upload

    Please submit 3 pieces of artwork representative of what you would have on display at Art in the Park. 

  14. Entry Information

    Marketing Acknowledgement/Authorization: Artist authorizes the City of Brighton program to utilize photos of artwork for any marketing materials utilized for the program and artist artwork.

    Release of Liability: By signing below, presenting Artist agrees that the City of Brighton, or any of their individual representatives are in no way responsible for any damage to or theft of any artwork.  By signing below, presenting artist/ organization’s representative agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Brighton, its officers, agents, and employees, from and against any and all loss, damage, injuries, claims, cause or causes of action, or any liability of any kind whatsoever resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with use of facilities as described in this application and all attachments.

    Art in the Park Rules & Regulations

    1. Art in the Park staff will visit all displays at intervals throughout the event to ensure that exhibitors comply with all event rules. It is our exclusive right and responsibility to remove work that is not in compliance. 
    2. Art in the Park is family oriented. All exhibits must be in keeping with this atmosphere and should be non-controversial and family friendly. The Chair of the event shall have the sole discretion to require the removal of any work, which he or she determines violates the event rules.
    3. All work must be original, handcrafted work. Artists guarantee the accuracy of the description of the works presented and the authenticity of the work as the creation of their own hands.
    4. Artists are responsible for their own display.  All booth furnishings including, but not limited to, booths, tables, chairs, display walls, display furniture, and credit card machines must be provided by the artist unless the artist rents available furnishing during the application process. 
    5. Art in the Park will not be responsible for damage to work or setup due to weather or unrelated incidents.
    6. All artists must check in upon arrival at the event for setup. Artist booth space will be pre-assigned and may not be changed on event day. 
    7. Exhibitors must complete booth setup by 10 a.m. and may not break down displays prior to 4 p.m. unless the event Chair ends the event early due to weather conditions. 
    8. Art in the Park will not be responsible in any way (i) for any theft or damage to the exhibit or equipment or any other property belonging to Vendor or Vendor’s employees who are participating in the event nor (ii) for any theft or other loss of Vendor’s proceeds or receipts from participation in the event. 
    9. Artists are responsible for collecting and reporting all taxes.

    Cancellation Policy

    • Cancel by JULY 7, receive 100% refund, minus fees.
    • Cancel by JULY 28, receive 50% refund, minus fees.
    • No refunds will be given after July 29. 
    • If weather conditions require Art in the Park to be rescheduled, the backup date will be Sept. 23. Artists should ensure they are available on both dates.
    • If the show is canceled by authorities at any time, artists will be refunded.

  15. Acknowledgment *

    By clicking Submit, I affirm that the artwork in the image(s) submitted is my own work and representative of the original artwork. If I am selected by the jury, I agree to abide by the rules of the Brighton Art in the Park event.

  16. Thank you

    Thank you for your application to be a part of the 2023 Art in the Park event. You application will be reviewed by the Art in the Park committee and you will be notified of your acceptance within 5 business days. If your application is not approved, you will be refunded within 14 days. If you have any questions, please contact David Gallegos, Arts & Culture Coordinator, at 303-655-2176.

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