I have a scheduled court date. Will the courts be operating?

The City of Brighton’s Municipal Court will be closed to the public through May 31 in response to the national, state and local efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. This date is subject to change.

Court sessions are suspended through May 31 ,2020. This date may be extended as the Court deems necessary in the interest of public health. Court will remain open for processing cases by phone, rnail, email or other electronic means. 

Any cases or hearings will be rescheduled to a later date when the court reopens to the public and the court will remain open for processing cases by phone, mail, email or other electronic means.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

  1. I have a traffic ticket that requires an appearance. Do I still have to go to court?
    All traffic tickets are eligible for the "Early Plea Guidelines" established by the City Prosecutor. Those traffic cases not eligible for the early pay plea offer are eligible for a plea by mail at the discretion of the City Prosecutor. All other traffic cases will be re-scheduled for arraignment when the court opens to the public. Please call the court at 303- 655-2064 to discuss your options.

  2. I’m on a bond. How do I continue my case?
    If you posted bond in your case, you may still receive a continuance. Please call the court to schedule the new court date.

  3. I have outstanding court fees. Do I still need to pay?
    The obligations of your court sentence are still in effect. Payments are accepted by mail, online at citepayusa.com or at the drop box. If you need additional assistance, please call the court.

  4. My child was to complete a class and community service. What do we do now?
    The court has authorized all classes to be completed online and alternatives are being offered in lieu of community service. Please call the probation officer at 303-655-2320 to discuss your options.

  5. What if I don’t want to plead guilty, I want a trial?
    At this time the court is unable to set any matter for trial, however, your right to a trial has not been waived. Once court resumes, you may discuss your case with the City Prosecutor and proceed to a trial setting if you so choose.

  6. I have a pending criminal case. Will I get a warrant for not appearing?
    Any pending criminal case will be reviewed by the City Prosecutor to see if a plea by mail can be offered. All other cases will be reset to a future date. The court asks that you verify your mailing or email address to receive correspondence.

  7. I have been ill or required to self-quarantine and therefore unable to comply with my sentence. What should I do?
    The court requests that you email a letter and doctor’s note to municourt@brightonco.gov and you will be granted a continuance.

Additional Updates:

- Speedy trial will be tolled on all cases effective immediately and will recommence upon Order of the Court.

- All Court ordered NCTI and ISAE classes may be completed online.

- Restitution will be reserved in all cases for 9l days. The 91-day period will start upon disposition/resolution of the case.

- Cases will be rescheduled to a later date when court sessions resume.

- The Court will take judicial notice of the registry of action, case management computer entries, notes in
the Court file and/or the record to establish identification of the defendant as the individual who received
communication from the Court regarding any action taken on the case.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Municipal Court at 303-655-2064 or municourt@brightonco.gov.

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