Customer Assistance Program


The City of Brighton is proud to announce a new Utilities Customer Assistance Program (CAP) that provides qualifying residents with help paying their utility bill during financial hardships. CAP replaces the city’s Good Neighbor Program that was established in 2014.

The City is partnering with Almost Home, Inc. on this new program and utility customers who qualify may receive up to $300 worth of vouchers per year to assist them with paying their utility bill. Utility customers in need of assistance must apply through Almost Home, Inc. CAP is only available to City Brighton residents and all customers will be asked to show proof of residency at the address associated with their utility bill during the application. For more information please call Utilities Customer Service at 303-655-2009 or Almost Home at 303-659-6199

How can I get help?

If you or someone you know is facing a temporary financial crisis and would like to receive assistance through the Customer Assistance Program, please contact Almost Home, Inc. at 303-659-6199 to apply. 


Assistance is available for residential customers who are experiencing a financial hardship. Applicants must be a City of Brighton resident and show proof of residency at the address associated with the utility bill. Assistance is available to both families and individuals. Income verification is not required. 

To apply, please contact Almost Home, Inc. at 303-659-6199. Almost Home, Inc. will conduct a brief case evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, Almost Home may distribute a voucher to the customer, up to $300 annually. Vouchers must then be returned to Utilities Customer Service where the account will be credited for the amount of the voucher. 

How can I help my neighbors?

The Customer Assistance Program provides emergency utility bill payment assistance to individuals and families in Brighton facing a temporary financial crisis. The program relies on donations from the community to help those in need. You can help by enrolling in the city's Good Neighbor roundup program. When you round up your monthly statement to the nearest dollar amount these funds will be set aside to assist other residents facing a temporary financial crisis.  Roundup amounts will never total more than $12 annually but your contribution is greatly appreciated! Enroll by completing this short online form

Helping others has never been easier

To sign up to round up your bill, complete this form and you will be automatically enrolled.