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Recreation Services
Jeffrey HulettAssistant Director of Recreation Services303-655-2206Email Jeffrey Hulett
Nancy GutierrezAdministrative Assistant303-655-2202Email Nancy Gutierrez
Nicole ChapmanRecreation Supervisor - Aquatics303-655-2212Email Nicole Chapman

Taylor KroloppRecreation Coordinator - Aquatics303-655-2211Email Taylor Krolopp

Ashleigh ErtleRecreation Assistant Coordinator - Aquatics303-655-2213Email Ashleigh Ertle
John WorkmanRecreation  Supervisor - Operations303-655-2219Email John Workman

Amanda Aburto Recreation Coordinator - Facilities303-655-2216Email Amanda Aburto

Lance VigilRecreation Specialist - Rentals303-655-2230Email Lance Vigil
Fitness & Wellness
Liliana Trevizo
Recreation Supervisor - Fitness303-655-2235Email Liliana Trevizo

Elizabeth BarczakRecreation Assistant Coordinator - Fitness303-655-2066Email Elizabeth Barczak 
General Interest
Jacquelyn RamseyRecreation Assistant Coordinator-General Interest303-655-2221Email Jacquelyn Ramsey
Carleen WattsRecreation Supervisor - Sports303-655-2208Email Carleen Watts

Julie HopkoRecreation Coordinator - Sports303-655-2203Email Julie Hopko

Tyler DuckworthRecreation Coordinator - Sports
303-655-2281Email Tyler Duckworth
Youth and Teen
Katy FrenchYouth Coordinator303-655-2209Email Katy French