Certified Personal Trainers

Each body type is unique and requires a different kind of training method to reach optimum health and fitness.  A personal trainer can gauge your current fitness level, discuss your goals and develop a program tailored to meet your specific needs. Work one-on- one with a personal trainer to meet your fitness goals.

Sessions are one hour each. 

Adult/Youth 15+

  • $40.00 for 1 Session
  • $108.00 for 3 Sessions
  • $160.00 for 5 Sessions
  • $300.00 for 10 Sessions

Minimum of 3 hours is required for initial package purchase. Note: A medical consultation and a verbal physician’s release is recommended. 

Semi-Private Personal Training

Work out with a friend while still reaping the benefits of a Personal Trainer.  Semi-Private training provides the same benefits as our personal training program, but you can do it with a friend at a lower session rate.

Adult/Youth 15+

  • SPTPP 3 $90.00 for 3 Sessions
  • SPTPP5 $150.00 for 5 Sessions
  • SPTPP10 $300.00 for 10 Sessions
  • SPTPP15 $450.00 for 15 Sessions

Group of 3 GROUPT15 $210.00 for 15 Sessions

Note: A medical consultation and a verbal physician’s release is required. (Forms are available at the Recreation)

Silver Boomers Weight Lifting

Healthy bones, strength and range of motion are essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. A personal trainer will teach you how to work out safely and properly. This senior class will be full of fun and knowledge. Come join the best of the best and become even better. SilverSneakers® Members are FREE!

  • Who: 50+
  • Min/Max: 4/7
  • Cost $24.00 (includes a 50% senior discount)

Note: A medical evaluation and physician’s release is required.