Pre-K Programs

Wee Ones Ages 2.0-3 years

This program is a great introduction to the group experience. Class runs for 45 minutes, which allows for enough time after transitioning from one activity to another and keeps your child engaged in fun activities such as story time, craft, coloring and games.

ABCs/123s Ages 3-4 years

This class prepares your child for a preschool experience by introducing more classroom concepts involving behavior, communication and group interaction. Raising their hand to share ideas, talking one at a time, staying seated through an activity, sharing supplies and active listening are introduced with exciting crafts, worksheets, games and other activities.

KinderPrep Ages 4-5 years

As your child’s development grows, so do our activities. The group’s classroom experience continues to expand by focusing on different skill sets including gross & fine motor, communication, socialization and problem solving. Games and activities provide opportunities for patterning, rhyming, opposites and scissor skills.

IMG_0188Class Information

These classes allow your child to be in a group environment with peers to enhance their social, motor and communication skills in a fun and safe environment.

Classes are geared toward specific age groups so children have similar skill levels, allowing them to feel confident while engaging in age-appropriate learning activities.  

Programs are offered August to May to follow the same school schedule siblings might have.  Sessions typically run in 6 week intervals, allowing children to move up into new classes as they get older.

All classes encourage children to participate in activities at a level comfortable to them.