Admission Fees

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Daily Fees ResidentNon-Resident 
Children under 3Free with paying Adult 18+Free with paying Adult 18+
3-5 years$ 4.25$6.00
6-17 Years$6.00$8.50
18-59 Years$7.00$9.75
Seniors 60+$6.00$8.50
 Season PassResident Non-Resident 
3-5 Years$50$67
6-17 Years$75$100
18-59 Years$90$125
Seniors 60+$75$100

**Family Season passes are good up to four members residing in the same household.  Each additional person is $50 resident, $75 non-resident.  

Youth that qualify for reduced rate are eligible for %50 discount off of admissions. 

A current Daily Admission Resident Card to the Brighton Recreation Center qualifies as your proof of residency.

10 Visit Punch PassResident Non-Resident 
Children under 3FREE with a paying adult 18+FREE with a paying adult 18+
Child 3-5 years old$30$41
Youth 6-17 years old$45$70
Adult 18-59 years old$52$80
Senior 60+ years old$45$70

Punch passes do not expire.

Non-Resident passes are transferable! For example, if you bought a 10 visit punch pass, you could share it with 10 age-eligible people no matter where they live! 

Twilight Admission 

Daily FeesResidentNon-Resident
Children under 3Free with paying adult 18+Free with paying adult 18+
3-5 years$2.50$3.50
6-17 years$4.00$5.00
18-59 years$4.50$6.00
Senior 60+$4.00$5.00

 We do not offer weather refunds.

Children ages 6 and under, and all non-swimmers of any age, must be accompanied within arms’ reach by a parent or guardian age 16 years or up when in the pool. (No exceptions.)

Children 7 years of age need to have supervision by an adult aged 16 years or up from the pool deck.TB2-27