Open Space & Forestry


The Open Space & Forestry Division is tasked with maintaining grounds around city facilities, greenways, wetlands, undeveloped natural areas as well as the city’s urban forest.

Forestry maintains trees in the areas above in addition to parks, medians and certain rights-of-way. Per Brighton’s municipal code, it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the trees in their adjacent public right-of-way (area between the street and the sidewalk). Citizens can verify if they have a public right-of-way tree by checking to see if their tree is on the city’s inventory.

Tree Inventory

In 2023, the City adopted the use of a new platform to update the existing tree inventory. This launch was funded in part by a grant from the Colorado Tree Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to leading Colorado’s efforts to preserve, renew and enhance community forests. A link to the updated inventory can be found here:

Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan

Tree Care Licensing

All persons engaged in the business of performing tree care and landscaping (spraying) in Brighton must have a license. The Contractor’s License and Tree Care addendum must both be completed and submitted to our One Stop Customer Service Center at City Hall:

Brighton City Hall

500 S 4th Avenue
 Brighton, CO 80601


Plant Recommendations

A variety of different tree species grow throughout the City of Brighton. Choosing the right tree for the right location will help maximize the benefits from your tree. View the approved list of trees (PDF) from the forestry division gives more information.

Recommended Tree List for Brighton
Recommended Shrub and Perennial List for Brighton