Utility Service Rates

Utility Rate Changes

In November 2019, Brighton City Council approved an eight-percent reduction in water and wastewater rates. The reduced rates go into effect with utility bills issued after Jan. 1. The 2020 rate plan will ensure financial sustainability while allowing the city to continue to provide safe and clean drinking water to the community.  

This document contains some frequently asked questions that may help you understand utility rate changes and what you can anticipate in the future. 

Winter Quarter Average- Sewer Rates

The City of Brighton Utilities Department’s residential wastewater rates include both variable and fixed charges. The variable charges are calculated using winter quarter averaging (WQA) to determine the volume charged on residential wastewater bills for the 12-month period beginning in May of each year. The amount of water a household uses in the winter months is totaled and divided by the three months collected. This results in an average wastewater usage for each residential property.

The winter months are used to calculate the WQA because indoor water usage is usually at its lowest during these months. These charges are calculated from usage in November, December, and January, but reflected on the December, January, and February statements. The WQA is calculated each April and will be seen on the May statements. This charge will remain until recalculated and applied the following May.