Dedicated to ensuring the public health and safety of our community by providing safe and reliable water, wastewater, and stormwater services. Utilities is responsible for the implementation, operation, and maintenance of all facilities related to the delivery of potable and non-potable water supplies, the collection and treatment of wastewater, and the discharge of storm drainage throughout the City.

The Utilities Department is a separate business entity of the City of Brighton (the Water Activity Enterprise) and is not related to the General Fund or any other City activities. It maintains separate accounting of its revenues and expenditures. This includes a 10-year Capital Improvement Plan and Operating Plan to fund, develop and maintain sustainable infrastructure, safe operations, and manageable growth policies while maintaining sound financial practices.

Drinking Water


Sanitary Treatment

Sanitary Sewer System

Storm Drainage

Storm Drainage System

Electricity, Natural Gas, & Trash Services

The City of Brighton does not provide services for electricity, natural gas, or trash. Electricity and natural gas services in Brighton are provided by United Power and Xcel Energy, respectively. Trash services are available through multiple providers. View United Power website and Xcel Energy website.

Watering Schedule