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Bike Brighton

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What is it

Tired of being stuck inside? Don’t know where to ride? Bike Brighton and the Brighton Recreation Center invites everyone to join us on our Bike Brighton - Moonlight Rides. We have a couple of different routes for you to try out. Along with a playlist to jam to while you’re getting some fresh air. Take some pictures along the way and send them in! Try out any or all of our routes or send in one of your favorites!

How it works

Go for a ride between June 8 - June 15. When you are finished send us which route you completed and any photos to For more Q&A’s, click here.


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Search Bike Brighton and join the club to find routes people are doing around town

Virtual Bike Ride Route


 While listening please be safe and abide by the rules of the road. Click here to enjoy some upbeat tunes on your ride!