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City Sales Tax

The City of Brighton is a home-rule City that collects its own sales tax. This means the City sales tax rate of 3.75% is remitted directly to the City. 

In January 2021, City Council passed an ordinance to clarify when remote sellers and marketplace facilitators should collect and remit City of Brighton sales tax. Remote sellers not located in the state must collect and remit for City of Brighton if they are required to remit for the State under the State’s rules and regulations. Remote sellers located in Colorado must collect and remit for City of Brighton if they make more than one delivery into the City within a 12-month period by any means, including common carrier. Marketplace facilitators should collect and remit sales tax on behalf of marketplace sellers. 

Remote sellers have the option to file and remit for the City of Brighton through the Colorado Sales and Use Tax System (SUTS) at or they can file directly with the City via


Filing frequency and sales tax due date


Businesses can request to file monthly, quarterly or annually on their license application. The City will inform the business of the filing frequency when the license is issued. Please email if you need to request a change in filing frequency. 

The sales tax due date is the 20th of the month following the period. For example, first quarter returns (January – March) would be due April 20th. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday the due date is the next business day.  


Filing options - sales tax only (no lodging or prairie center returns) 


Filing options - all businesses

  • Zero / non-payment returns – email copy of return to 

  • In person drop off at Brighton City Hall 

  • Mail return with check made to City of Brighton via standard mail 

City of Brighton

PO Box 913297

Denver, CO 80291

  • Mail return with check made to City of Brighton via certified or express delivery 

City of Brighton

Attn: Sales Tax 

500 S 4th Ave 

Brighton, CO 80291


Tax refunds and amended returns


Amended returns can be done by completing a blank sales tax return and marking “amended” up at the top. If the amended return will result in a credit, the City may require the business to file a claim for refund form and/or submit supporting documentation.

The claim for refund form can be found here  


City of Brighton Sales Tax Forms


Lodging Tax


At the November 8, 2011 election, voters approved a 3.00% excise tax on lodging effective January 1, 2012. This tax is in addition the 3.75% Sales Tax and is filed on a separate lodging tax return.

About the Brighton Prairie Center Public Improvement Fee (PIF)

A PIF is applicable on sales made at the Prairie Center. A PIF is a private fee collected by businesses on sales/services made at the site. The money is used to pay for the public improvements for the development of the site, such as curbs and sidewalks, storm management systems, sanitary sewer systems, public street lighting, and road and bridge development. A PIF is specifically a fee and NOT a tax; therefore, it becomes part of the overall cost of the sale/ service and is subject to sales tax.

The PIF at Prairie Center is not collected by the City, but by a third part administrator, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP, hired by the owner of the development site.

Telephone Utility Company Occupation Tax

Article 3-36 of the Brighton Municipal code sates “There is levied on and against each telephone utility company operating within the City a tax on the occupation and business of maintaining a telephone exchange and lines connected therewith in the City, and of supplying local exchange telephone service to the inhabitants of the City. So long as this Article remains in force and effect, the annual amount of tax levied under it shall be four dollars ($4.00) for each telephone account for which local telephone service is provided by a tax-paying telephone utility company within the corporate limits of the City on January l of the current year for which the tax is levied.”

Telephone Utility Company Occupation Tax Form

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