Business Licensing

Business Licensing

A City Business License is required for individuals and businesses engaged in business in the City of Brighton, unless exempt under the City’s Municipal Code. The business license also serves as the sales tax license. Some businesses may require additional license, permit or approval before a business license can be issued. Businesses that require additional approval include, but are not limited to, contractors, merchant guards, mobile or outdoor vendors (including food trucks), group/foster homes and sexually oriented business. Businesses wishing to see alcoholic beverages should contact the City Clerk’s Office for Liquor Licensing. 

Unless a different expiration date is specified, or the license is sooner revoked, business licenses are good until the end of odd-numbered years (currently 12-31-2021). 

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Business License Application 

Please use the appropriate application below: 

License Application – Commercial Location – Use if you have a commercial business location within the Brighton City Limits. 


License Application – Home Business – Use if you live within the City of Brighton City Limits and your business is based at home. 


License Application – Out of City – Use if you do not have a physical location in the City of Brighton

Mobile or Outdoor Vendors 

Mobile or outdoor vendors, such as food trucks, must first obtain a permit from the Community Development Department before a business license can be issued. Please contact this department for information on obtaining a temporary use permit. Once the permit has been issued, please complete the appropriate business license application and include a copy of your permit. 

The City of Brighton is currently reviewing the rules and processes associated with mobile vendors. To provide time for staff to review, recommend and implement any changes that are ultimately approved the Community Development Director and City Manager have approved an extension to the temporary use permit and business license for mobile vendors. Permits and licenses for mobile or outdoor vendors issued in 2021 will be for a 270-day duration, but in no case will extend beyond December 31, 2021. If you would like more information or have comments on potential changes regarding the rules and processes for mobile vendors please contact Shannon McDowell,, or Ana LeScoezec,

Businesses based in a Brighton residential home

The City of Brighton is committed to maintaining quality neighborhoods and an excellent community environment. To achieve this, certain rules and regulations regarding businesses based in residential homes are in place. Prohibited home businesses in the City of Brighton include, but are not limited to

  • Short-term rentals (Airbnb, etc.)

  • Cosmetology and/or esthetician services 

All Family Childcare Homes must have a license issued by the City’s Finance Department. Additional approval by the City’s Community Development Department may also be required. Please see the Family Childcare Home Flyer for more information.  

For more information about what is and is not allowed as a home business in the City of Brighton please contact the Planning Division at 303-655-2059.

Account Closure or Update  

If the business ownership is changing and/or the Federal Tax ID number will change, you MUST close your license and obtain a new one. 


To close or update your account the City needs a written request. The quickest way to close or update your account is to send an e-mail to


In your written correspondence, please include: 

  • City of Brighton Account / License Number 
  • Your name and title 
  • The reason for the Change or Closure 
  • The effective date of the Change or Closure

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