Reserve Police Officers

The Brighton Police Department Reserve Unit was established in 1968 to provide additional officers to protect the city. Over the years, the reserve program has evolved to one of the most recognized units in the State of Colorado. Our training program is one of the most comprehensive programs in operation today. Reserve officers are volunteers from the community who take time from their personal lives to work as police officers. These highly dedicated individuals spend numerous hours working and training with the police department. During the training phase, reserve officers are expected to work a minimum of two, ten-hour patrol/training shifts per month. Reserve officers are also required to attend monthly staff meetings and in-service training. Reserve officers must attend all mandatory city events.  

Typically, reserve officers fall into one of two categories. Many are civic-minded individuals who serve the community in which they may live and work. Their intent is to give back to the community and to make it a better place. The second category is those individuals who want to become full-time officers. Starting as a reserve officer gives a person hands-on practical exposure. This insight helps people decide if this is really a career they want to pursue. The training and experience gained as a reserve officer is very similar to that of a full-time officer. Because of the comprehensive and intense training program, many of our full-time police officers are hired directly from the reserve unit.  

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Dave Martine
Reserve Lieutenant           

Troy Gardalen
Reserve Sergeant  

Sergeant Rick Stolte
Reserve Unit Liaison