The Brighton Cultural Arts Commission Excellence in Arts Awards celebrates individuals and groups within Brighton who are cultural arts champions. Each year, the community nominates individuals and groups in the following categories:  

  • Master of Fine Arts - This category is open to photographers, painters, potters, sculptors, jewelry designers, and authors.
  • Master of Performing Arts - This category is open to individuals or groups who are film makers, dancers, actors/actresses, directors, or musicians.
  • Master of Literary Arts- This category is open to writers of various genres.
  • Visionary - An individual, group, or business who has been a leader in the Brighton cultural arts scene.
  •  Master of Cultural Arts in Education - An educator who has offered some form of creative arts activity to the youth within our community.
  • Outstanding Volunteer in Cultural Arts - An individual who has devoted time, talent and service to enhance the cultural experience in Brighton. 
  • Beyond Brighton - Open to an individual, group, or business from outside our community who has strengthened our community’s cultural arts.

Nomination forms are now available. Nominations forms must be submitted by Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023. 

The Excellence in Arts Awards will be presented at a special event on Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. at Eagle View Adult Center.

 For questions, please contact Arts & Culture Coordinator David Gallegos at 303-655-2176 or