Nuggets Skills Challenge


Birth Date Verification Chart

Age DivisionBirthday AfterBirthday Before
6 and 7May 1, 2012April 30, 2014
8 and 9May 1, 2010April 30, 2012
10 and 11May 1, 2008April 30, 2010
12 and 13May 1, 2006April 30, 2008

December 14, 2019 Top Contestants

6/7 Boys

1st-Zayden Gallegos

2nd- Brayden Rogel

3rd- Dayne Williams

6/7 Girls

1st- Brella McClendon

2nd- Amilliah Merwin

3rd- Aliannah Toscano

8/9 Boys 

1st- Jonah Hardy

2nd-Carter Fairchild

3rd-Cooper Bolyard

8/9 Girls

1st- Emery Friedman

2nd- Amaya Solano

3rd- Melinda Mancha

10/11 Boys

1st- Jackson Chabra

2nd- Maverick Martinez

3rd- Jude Bachicha

10/11 Girls

1st- Amy Daines

2nd- Bryanna Quintana

3rd- Jalena Flores

12/13 Boys

1st- Ivan Ramierez

2nd- Vance Martinez

3rd- Austin Sickler

12/13 Girls

1st- Leashea Flores

2nd- Juliana Hardy

3rd- Sydnee Lauridson

Denver Nuggets Skills Challenge is FREE, and exciting event providing boys and girls the opportunity to compete in three levels of competition including a state championship. Participants will showcase shooting, passing, and dribbling abilities in separate divisions for boys and girls. All participants will receive a Nuggets Skills Challenge Certificate.