Class Changes or Announcements

Outside Fitness Classes are now available at BRC – Patrons who sign up for these classes are required to check-in at the front desk before arriving to class. Outside fitness classes will be held across the rec center parking lot by the pavilions unless instructed otherwise by the Fitness Instructor.

For classes requiring equipment, you will need to bring your own equipment (ex. Yoga- you need to bring your own blocks and yoga mat.) Please check the Brighton Recreation App for class descriptions. Or join our Facebook group at

You will not have building accessibility during your class. Please bring your own water bottle and sweat towel to class.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lili at 303-655-2235

Ages 8 + are welcome to select fitness classes

Our fitness schedule will now allow for kids age 8+ to attend specific fitness classes
  • An adult must be present for the entire class
  • Not all classes are suitable for these ages
  • A ** on the paper schedule will indicate which classes allow these ages