Level 3 - Stroke Mechanics

Level 3:  Stroke Mechanics
Ages 6 - 14

This class is recommended for students who have successfully completed level 2. The objective is to continue progressions with the strokes introduced in level 2.

  • Unassisted freestyle 1/2 length of lap pool
  • Unassisted backstroke 1/2 length of lap pool
  • Intro to whip kick on front and back
  • Intro to dives in deep water

In order to pass this class, the student must demonstrate:

  • 25 yards freestyle with rhythmic breathing
  • 25 yards backstroke
  • 25 yards whip kick on front
  • Safety skills: recite home address and phone number, reaching assist to save someone close to the wall, jump in and back float, then swim to the wall and exit the pool without using a ladder.

For availability and registration, call 303-655-2200, or see available lessons online.