Level 3 - Stroke Mechanics

Ages 6 - 14

This class is for students who have successfully completed level 2 or Minnows (with approval from aquatic management). The pre-requisite skills for Level 3 are:

  • Independent front and back glides with flutter kicks in the streamline position
  • 10 yards of freestyle with breath control
  • 10 yards of backstroke
  • 10 yards of elementary backstroke
  • Retrieve diving toy off bottom from chest deep water
  • Float on front and flip to back for 10 second back float
  • Water safety skills

The objective is to continue progressions with the strokes introduced in level 2. In order to pass this class, the student must demonstrate:

  • 25 yards freestyle with rhythmic side breathing
  • 25 yards backstroke
  • 25 yards elementary back stroke
  • 25 yards whip kick on front
  • 25 yards dolphin kick
  • 30 seconds of treading water in the deep end
  • Sitting and kneeling dives in the deep end

For availability and registration, call 303-655-2200, or see available lessons online.