Preschool Minnows

Preschool Minnows:
Ages 3-5 years  *Class will be held in the lap pool when possible*

This class is for students that have successfully passed Preschool Guppies. Students will continue independent swimming progressions in this class.

Basic skills for the class:

  • Safe water entry
  • Underwater bobs
  • Independent front and back glides for at least two body lengths
  • Intro to beginner freestyle
  • Intro to beginner backstroke
  • 5 second front float to 10 second back float

In order to pass the class, student must demonstrate:

  • Independent freestyle with breath control for 1/2 length of the lap pool
  • Independent backstroke for 1/2 length of the lap pool
  • Safety skills: recite their first, last, and parent's first name and phone number, never try to save a drowning person - tell an adult, call 911

Students that successfully pass this class and who are at a developmentally appropriate level, with the approval of the instructor and aquatics management, will be able to participate in Level 3. 

For availability and registration, call 303-655-2200, or see available lessons online.