Preschool Guppies

Preschool Guppies:
Ages 3-5 years

This class is recommended for students that have successfully passed Preschool Beginner Pollywogs. Students will build on the basic fundamentals learned in the beginner class, including independent front and back floats for at least 10 seconds. They will also learn:

  • Safe water entry
  • 10 underwater bobs
  • Unassisted front glide
  • Unassisted back glide
  • Demonstrate "bobbing to safety"
  • Introduction to beginner freestyle
  • Introduction to beginner backstroke

In order to progress to Minnows, students must:

  • Front glide unassisted for 2 body lengths
  • Back glide unassisted for 2 body lengths
  • Front float for 5 seconds, roll onto back for a 10 second back float

Please refer to age ranges when enrolling students.

For availability and registration, call 303-655-2200, or see available lessons online.