Ages 3-5 years

This class is for students that have successfully passed Pollywogs. The pre-requisite skills for Guppies are:

  • Comfort in the water with a participant/instructor relationship
  • Safe water entry
  • Blow bubbles with full face in the water
  • 10 seconds unassisted front and back floats
  • Assisted front and back glides in streamline position
  • Assisted flutter kick on front and back
  • Introductory arm movements for freestyle and backstroke
  • Demonstrate "bobbing to safety"
  • Water safety skills

Students will build on the basic fundamentals. In order to progress from Guppies to Minnows, students must proficiently demonstrate the following exit skills:

  • Independent front glide with flutter kicks in the streamline position
  • Independent back glide with flutter kicks in the streamline position
  • Introductory independent freestyle for 5 yards
  • Introductory independent backstroke for 5 yards
  • Elementary backstroke (chicken-airplane-soldier) with assistance
  • Introductory understanding of breathing while swimming
  • Do a front float, flip on their back and float for at least 10 seconds, yell for help
  • Water safety skills

Please refer to age ranges when enrolling students.

For availability and registration, call 303-655-2200, or see available lessons online.