Good Neighbor Fund Program

How many good neighbors are there in Brighton?

Since its inception, the Good Neighbor Fund Program has helped more than 48 citizens who’ve encountered a temporary financial crisis. That’s more than $10,000 of helping! There are currently 254 Brighton utility customers signed up for monthly water bill roundups. Brighton’s population is more than 36,000, so there is plenty of room for additional good neighbors!

What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

The City of Brighton’s Good Neighbor Fund Program provides emergency utility bill payment assistance to individuals and families in Brighton facing a temporary financial crisis. The Good Neighbor activities are funded through voluntary contributions from participating City of Brighton utility customers who choose to be a good neighbor and roundup their bill to the next dollar in order to donate funds to the program.

Being a good neighbor has never been easier

To sign up to round-up your bill and be a good neighbor, mark the appropriate box on your utility bill invoice and return it in the mail with your payment or turn it in to the City of Brighton Utility Billing Customer Service Counter. You can also download the Good Neighbor sign-up form (Download the Good Neighbor sign-up form here) and email it to

Sign up online by clicking the graphic ----->

Every month, being a good neighbor may only cost a few pennies and will never be more than 99 cents. It costs less than $1 to be a good neighbor. Always.

How can I get help?

If you or someone you know is facing a temporary financial crisis and would like to receive assistance from the Good Neighbor Fund program, please pick up an application at the Utility Billing Customer Service Counter located on the first floor of Brighton City Hall or fill out the application online below.

Assistance provided

Eligible customers may receive a credit to be applied toward their current balance on a City of Brighton utility account. The account may be credited for up to $300, depending on circumstances. Assistance is provided on a per account basis, independent of number of persons residing within a home.


Assistance is available for residential customers who are experiencing unusual and difficult financial situations only. The customer must have a good payment history and cannot have received a door hanger for delinquent payment within the last 12 months. The customer cannot have received assistance through the Good Neighbor Fund within the last 36 months.

To apply to receive assistance from the good neighbor fund program, fill out an application at the Water Utility Billing counter at Brighton City Hall, or call 303-655-2009 for more info.
Download the Good Neighbor Fund application here 

Solicitud en Español para programa El  Buen Vecino

Completed applications can be emailed to .




“My family and I are so blessed to be the first recipients of the Good Neighbor Program. Part of the year, I work two jobs. Childcare can eat up to 50 percent of my take home monthly income (depending on the month). Thus, if something comes up, I can fall behind on my bills. We had a year I wish not to repeat. The year changed in mid-May 2014 when my children and I were involved in a car fire. We were fine. But, it left me financially stranded. I now had a car payment when I did not have one before. I was left with five weeks of unreimbursed car rental charges – unreimbursed bills and expenses from having a car totaled (insurance only covered so much) and having to lease a vehicle with less than perfect credit. A couple months later my cell phone disappeared (another expense). Then due to stress and parking under a lighted post, I pulled forward and not backwards and damaged my fender on the newly leased car. Thank you so much for your kindness in helping my family! The kindness of being the recipients of the Good Neighbor Program truly showed me how much people in the Brighton community care! What a blessing for us to be residents of Brighton! Thank you so much!!! Your kindness helped to keep the water running in our house and therefore, our house heated and warm for the holidays!"