Georgetown University Energy Prize

What is the GUEP Prize?

Georgetown University created an energy prize incentive of $5 million to small to medium sized cities who will dedicate themselves to creating a sustainability and energy plan. The goal of GUEP is to educate consumers on a national basis about the consequences of energy consumption over a full fuel cycle.Georgetown University Energy Prize

The Benefits of Brighton’s Participation: 

The opportunity to win $5 million prize to put toward sustainability efforts in Brighton.
The program allows for complimentary help and dialog with outside agencies to assist  in developing a usable sustainability plan. 
- An Energy Efficiency Plan can be used to apply for additional funding to hire a Sustainability Coordinator through the GUEP during the contest.
- Community involvement and education on sustainability.
- Develop our commitment as noted in Section 1 of the Brighton Comprehensive Plan  to be a leading community in sustainability. 
- Work in conjunction with Adams County to form a metro Sustainability Plan.