Sod Permits

Sod and/or seeding placement (that requires watering outside of required watering days) is limited to the following times: 

  • April 15 to May 21
  • September 1 to October 21

Because of the high-water demand of new sod or seed, particularly during the hot summertime weather, sod permits cannot be issued in June, July, or August. During allowed times, sod permits can be obtained at One Stop on the 1st floor of City Hall at 500 South 4th Avenue. This permit will allow for daily watering of new sod/seed for 10 days in order to establish the new sod/seed. Please be aware that excessive watering that results in runoff of the sodded/seeded area or excessive overspray onto hardscapes does constitute water waste and can result in warnings and fines. 

Also note that any exposed soil needs to be temporarily stabilized until sod can be installed. The use of erosion control blankets, straw wattles and/or silt fence is required to prevent stormwater pollution. Please visit the Stormwater Management website for more information.