Youth Tennis Lessons

The tennis season has wrapped up for the summer of 2015. We look forward to seeing everyone next season!! Below are the dates for the 2016 Summer Tennis Lessons.
Age Day Date Time Level Session
9-13 yrs. Mon- Thu*
May 31-June 9*
June 13-23
June 27- July 7**
July 11-21
July 25- Aug 3
8:10am -9:00 am Beginner
120008 A
120008 B
120008 C
120008 D
120008 E
6-8 yrs. Mon- Thur*
May 31- June 9*
June 13-23
June 27- July 7**
July 11- 21
July 25- Aug 3
9:10 am- 9:50 am Beginner
120009 A
120009 B
120009 C
120009 D
120009 E
9-18 yrs. Mon- Thur*
May 31- June 9*
June 13-23
June 27- July 7**
July 11-21
July 25- Aug 3
10:00 am- 10:50am
120010 A
120010 B
120010 C
120010 D
120010 E
6-8 yrs. Mon- Thur* May 31-Jun 9*
Jun 13-23
June 27-Jul 7**
July 11-21
July 25- Aug 3
5:30pm- 6:10pm Beginner 120011 A
120011 B
120011 C
120011 D
120011 E
9-13 yrs. Mon- Thur*
May 31- June 9
June 13-23
June 27- July 7**
July 11-21
July 25- Aug 3
6:15pm- 7:05pm Beginner

120012 A
120012 B
120012 C
120012 D
120012 E

Lessons are designed to teach kids the basic strokes, how to keep score, how to be safe, and how to have fun. 
There will be a minimum of three students in each class and a maximum of twelve, unless the tennis instructor decides to accept more than twelve. 

Lessons will start on time, since the next set of lessons begins promptly on the hour. 
Students need to have their own rackets, but balls will be provided. Tennis shoes must be worn at all times. 

Short breaks will be given in the middle of all lessons, especially when it is hot. 

All students should bring water, sunscreen, and a hat, to each lesson. 

The tennis instructor will be glad to answer any questions about your child's ability, and help the parent decide which level would be best for their child. 

All lessons will be conducted at the high school courts, at 8th and Southern. 

No physical exam is required, however, we will require a release of liability form signed by the participant's parent or guardian. 
The tennis instructor encourages parental involvement, and hopes that you will likewise encourage your child to practice the skills they have been learning.

Make sure the children get to lessons on time. 
Make sure to pick up your child from the lessons on time. 
Talk to the tennis instructor concerning any questions or problems. 
Remind the children that the tennis instructor has a ten-minute break in between each set of lessons. 
Remind the children that they are supposed to have fun, but that tennis is not an easy game to play well. To improve significantly, a great deal of practice and experience is required. Specific goals also help young players develop skills.