River Clean Up

The mission of the River Clean-up Program is to promote civic responsibility, community pride and enhance Brighton's quality of life through clean waterways and beautiful neighborhoods. The program is administered by the City of Brighton Utilities Department - Stormwater Division, and provides comprehensive support for citizens seeking to improve their environment.

During clean-up events, residents and/or business groups volunteer to pick up trash from our trails, parks, ditches, creeks, lakes or river banks. The Stormwater Division will coordinate the event and supply trash bags, orange vests, location maps & instructions, and will collect the litter collected. If you have rubber boots or waders you could clean up inside the waterways and wetland areas. The city will also recognize the group's efforts with special giveaways and we will celebrate our accomplishments with a lunch!

Get Involved! Bring your family, friends & coworkers. You can make a difference, improve your neighborhood, and help the environment.Upcoming events are posted regularly. Contact the Stormwater Coordinator to set-up an event in your neighborhood. Dates will be determined according to the number of requests.

Vast amounts of  trash litters the South Platte River causing all manner of harm, and most of this debris comes from land. Our ponds, creeks and river are collecting spots for trash from city streets and highways. Trash travels - via inland waterways, storm drains, sewers, and on the wind, and eventually ends up on the South Platte River. If not removed,  debris will end up in the environment. River cleanups are a last line of defense - to prevent debris from causing harm to our environment.
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