Street Signage Repairs & Replacements

To report missing or damaged roadway signs or the need for a roadway sign, (or Street Striping) please complete the request information below.
Stop Signs
Report a sign is down, please call us at 303-655-2087 or 303-655-2034.
All requests for the placement of a new stop sign must be evaluated. Any signage requiring a traffic study may take up to 90 days to investigate depending upon the type of signage request being made.
Traffic Signal Control Lights 
Report malfunctioning Traffic Signals. 
Street lights (luminaires)are maintained by United Power and may be reported to them directly by calling 303-659-0551 you may also report them here and we will contact them for you.
If you would like to report a traffic situation requiring Police extra patrol or request for a a Speed Trailer you may do so by phone at 303-655-2365 at this link.
Thank you.